PCCMC At a Glance

Mission & Approach to Learning:

Mission: As a middle college high school, in partnership with Community College of Philadelphia, our mission is to provide all scholars with college-level classes leading to an Associate’s degree. Our staff provides a secure and enriching teaching and learning environment in which all scholars are engaged and nurtured. Our families join us in fostering academic achievement, personal responsibility, self-actualization, and civic responsibility.

Our Approach: Parkway Center City Middle College (PCCMC) in partnership with Community College of Philadelphia (CCP), requires that all scholars participate in a college level summer bridge course before entering Parkway in the 9th grade fall semester.

During years one and two, scholars are engaged in rigorous course content at both sites (PCCMC and CCP) that is reflective of college level courses with encouragement and supports from the entire school community including CCP.

In Year 3 and 4, scholars will be immersed in college level courses at CCP leading to multiple path- ways such as obtaining an Associate degree in Liberal Arts, earning a minimum of 48 college credits, or Industry certifications in Computer Program or Entrepreneurship.

Our staff supports a culture of high expectations for teaching and learning. Scholars are engaged, encouraged, and empowered to graduate successfully from PCCMC with a High School diploma and an Associate’s Degree (CCP).

Furthermore, our vision is that scholars will continue college to earn a Bachelor’s Degree and /or complete successful career options. Our parents, families and guardians are full partners in fostering academic achievement, personal responsibility, and self-actualization. We encourage our scholars to develop entrepreneurial attitudes, peer leadership and community service to prepare for their future as members of the global economy and citizens of the world.

The uniqueness of the Middle College program provides students the opportunity to complete their high school years with a high school diploma and an Associate’s Degree. In order to accomplish this, students will be fully matriculated into CCP for their Junior and Senior years. In order to begin Junior and Senior year at CCP, students are expected to be performing at college level in both Math and English and will be administered a placement test. The placement test is a requirement from CCP for all students attending the college. By the end of Sophomore year, if students do not place at college level they will not be able to continue their years at PCCMC as there will not be any Junior or Senior classes held at the high school level.

Points of Pride:

Student respect for diversity; Excellent student and staff attendance; Met AYP Targets for eight consecutive years; earned Commonwealth of PA Achievement Keystone Award for six consecutive years; Majority of students enroll in 2-4 year colleges and universities; Student artwork on display throughout school; Annual events, including: PCC Annual Walk for Fitness; Multicultural Awareness Day; Career Day, and Alumni Day.

Courses & Program Highlights:

• Current Advanced Placement Courses: English Literature, US History, Calculus, Art

• Dual Enrollment at Community College of Philadelphia

• Summer Bridge – college course for incoming freshmen

• Elective courses include Geography, Art, Health and Physical Education, Contemporary Issues, Drama,
SAT Prep English and Math, Statistics, Environmental Science, and Personal Finance

• Blended Learning

Extracurricular Activities:

• Drama
• Robotics
• Senior Committees
• Tutoring

Sports Teams:

• Baseball
• Boys’ Basketball
• Cheerleading
• Cooperative Sports – Football
• Girls’ and Boys’ Track
• Girls’ and Boys’ Volleyball
• Girls’ Basketball
• Soccer
• Softball


• Big Brothers, Big Sisters
• College Possible
• Community College of Philadelphia
• Deloitte Academy
• Delphi Project Foundation
• Lantern Theatre
• Philadelphia OIC
• Philly College Team (Mentor for Philly)
• Turning Point for Children
• University of Pennsylvania
• Women of Tomorrow of Greater Philadelphia • Temple University