Applying to Parkway CC Middle College

Parkway Center City Middle College only accepts applicants for the 9th grade

Online Enrollment opens SEPTEMBER 20, 2019
Online Enrollment closes NOVEMBER 1, 2019 AT 5:00 PM


Grades: A’s and B’s with the possible exception of one C in major subjects on the most recent final report card.

PSSA Scores: A local percentile of 70 on the PSSA test in both Reading and Math are the minimum. A lower reading score may be considered for students who have lived in the U.S. for three years or less. (Reading PSSA-1032 and above, Math PSSA- 945 and above). Please view the PSSA Conversion Chart.

Non-public school families: Contact the child’s present school for score conversion information. The national percentile on a nationally recognized standardized test will be considered when it is available. Independent school students may submit ERB scores or any other nationally recognized standardized test. Please note that you should apply here (school selection for non-district students)

Attendance: Exemplary attendance & punctuality are required.

Behavior: No negative disciplinary reports and no 3’s in Citizenship

Admissions Essay: Students at Parkway will be taking high school and college course simultaneously, it is very important that students arrive demonstrating proficient skills in writing, a crucial element in college course work. Therefore, as part of the screening process alongside grade and test performance, all students fitting the admissions requirements be required to participate in an admissions essay session at PCCMC. The essay session is through invite only. Invites will be sent out via email to 8th grade counselors.

Summer Bridge Program: A 5 week MANDATORY Summer Bridge program is required for all incoming Freshman during the months of July and August. During these 5 weeks, scholars will be taking their first college course at CCP.

Other: Student should demonstrate positive attitude and of aspirations to attend college. Student may be asked for admissions interview. FIRST-GENERATION SCHOLARS WILL RECEIVE PRIORITY SEATING.



Please ensure your application was submitted correctly, with all the items needed.  YOU WILL NOT BE NOTIFIED if something is missing.

Students with IEPs must send all documentation directly to the school.


District Students apply through their Student Portal Account, which is already linked to all their academic records, which includes grades, attendance, behavior and standardized test scores. When you fill out the application, everything tied to your account will be sent automatically.


If your student/child IS currently a District student, but was NOT a District student last year, he/she won’t be set up in the system. All required documents/academic records must be delivered electronically and/or paper copies sent directly to Parkway Center City Middle College Admissions.









Non-District Students have to submit an online application at  In addition, the documents listed below must be received by uploading to the site during the application process or paper copies delivered to the school in order to be considered.  The application is completed through a different portal than Current School District Students. See below.


All documents must be delivered electronically and/OR paper copies directly to PCCMC for evaluation.

  • The School District Student Data Transcript
  • A copy of your child’s final report card from the 2018-2019 school year including attendance information.
  • A copy of your child’s most recent standardized test scores. For example PSSA, TerraNova, ERB’s.
  • 7th Grade Academic and Standardized test scores