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Parkway Center City Middle College

Third Quarter Ends

Monday, April 11 is the end of the third marking period.  Please connect with your scholar to see if there is anything they need to do to ensure they receive quality credits before the end of the semester.  A reminder that CCP grades are reported in the SDP report card as the following: 95 (A), 85 (B), 75 (C), 65 (D) or 59 (F), regardless of the actual average attained at CCP. Report card conferences will be held Thursday and Friday April 4 and 5.

Community Service Hours!

All Parkway scholars are required to perform 30 hours of community service per school year.  Please see the page for more details. Please note that all of your community service hours that have been reported and uploaded are represented on this page now. Check your progress!

Our days off are not their days off??

Please note that the Parkway calendar DIFFERS from the school district calendar in many ways. Please make sure that you are following the announcements sent home in email. There is also a published version of the calendar on this website. (see Spotlight bar)


Principal’s Office

We look forward to all of our students.  Find all about us, here: Parkway Center City Middle College